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3 Entrepreneurial Leadership Traits

Entrepreneurial leadership traits and/or skills can be the difference maker in being an average or successful entrepreneur. Some people possess them almost naturally and others may need to work at them. And the good news? Just about anyone can be a better entrepreneur when refining at the very least, these 3 skills. You see, entrepreneurial […]


How to Lead When no one is Listening

Building a business is fun, right? However, we also know that it can be tough sometimes. We may notice this particularly when we are building leaders. In this post, I (Sarah here today!) want to share with you a few key pieces on how you can lead when no one seems to be listening! Personally, I […]

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Nurturing Great Leadership Skills in Network Marketing

Network marketing. The name itself can elicit a variety of different emotions for people, right? Depending who you speak to or mention those 2 words to the responses are typically the same. They either had a great experience or know someone who did or, the exact opposite. So we believe a lot of this misconception […]