How to Deal With a Negative Team Member

When you don’t address negativity in your business, it will spread among your team. This leads us to this post on the best way to handle a negative team member in your business.  The first thing you need to do when you see negativity happening you have to address it with that person.  We can’t […]

How to Lead Yourself in Network Marketing

Leadership: the action of leading a group of people or an organization. And you’ll probably agree there are a TON of great resources on levelling up your leadership, but … what about learning how to lead yourself? Or, quite frankly, what does that even mean? In this blog, we’re going to give you three ways […]

5 Benefits of Being an Influential Leader

To truly become an effective entrepreneur or network marketing professional who intends to lead others, you want to be an influential leader. True magic happens when you learn the skills to influence others’ minds, hearts and actions.  Influence is getting others to willingly act upon what you have to say. Therefore, anyone in a leadership […]

The 7 I’s to Help You Influence Others

Leadership and influence, more often than not, go hand in hand. To influence others, you generally possess leadership skills. Whereas a leader typically has acquired traits to help them be influential, right? In today’s post, we will share the ‘7 I’s’ that will help you influence others.  For us, the 7 I’s were first learned […]

6 Simple Ideas to Become a Better Leader

Being liked by your customers, business partners, and team members can go a long way in business. Overall, it helps build culture, trust and the I’ve got your back mindset. And so, we should always strive to become better leaders, right?  After all, if we’re expecting or anticipating others to follow us — we want to make sure we’re […]

Simple Ways to Grow to the Next Level of Your Business

One of the most common questions we get asked is; how do I become more productive in my business? And the answer is quite simple — what are you putting between your ears? Who are you spending time with? What content are you consuming? Because the truth is each of these things shapes whether you will (or […]

10 Management Tips for Great Leaders

Recently, we came across a post on Facebook about leadership and management. It’s the best recipe for effective leadership we have seen in a while! Although finding the original author of it has proved challenging, we will share our interpretation of the management tips for great leaders.  Returning to the basics is a great recipe for […]

Are You Getting in the Trenches With Your Team?

One of the BIGGEST mistakes we see people making in the network marketing industry is signing up a new team member and NOT putting in the work with them. People don’t see the results they want, but they’re also not getting in the trenches.  You HAVE to be prepared to get messy with your new […]

Must Have Leadership Traits for Network Marketers

Leadership traits can be the difference-maker in being an average or successful network marketer. Some people possess them almost naturally, and others may need to work at them. And the good news? Just about anyone can be a better network marketer when refining, at the very least, these three skills.  You see, network marketing leadership […]

Are You Creating a Mentor Network?

The line between success and failure in business is often paper-thin. But, the more you learn from those who’ve walked both sides of that line, the better your chances are of staying on the right side of it. This is why we encourage our clients, team members and YOU to create a mentor network. You […]