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4 Characteristics of an Influencer

In late 2018, we attended a conference where they spoke of the characteristics of an influencer and we wanted to give it our own little spin. And, this is for a couple of reasons; we believe that the word influence has been misconstrued due to social media and, influencers can come from all types of […]


Discovering the Circle of Influence in your Customers

Discovering the circle of influence is imperative. Whether you’re in beauty, finance, marketing, fashion, network marketing or any other industry out there, building meaningful connections with your target audience is the key to your long-term strategy. This is because audiences want personalized experiences with anyone and everyone in their lives, right? Maybe it’s their hairdresser or […]

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Ways to Build Influence on Social Media

There are several ways to build influence on social media. But, it all begins and ends with having conversations and being a human first. Show your audience that you’re a real person and that you care. They need to know you understand who they are and what they find valuable. To achieve this, you will […]


How to Build or Increase your Influence as a Leader

Leadership, is about influence. Ultimately, you have created a bond of trust with your audience, customers/clients or otherwise — and they will follow you just about anywhere! So are you asking yourself how does one build influence? Or, how can one increase influence as a leader or entrepreneur? Well, this is the post for you! […]

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