Targeting Pages of Influence Can Help Grow Your Business

If there’s one main thing that marketers (network marketing or otherwise) cannot ignore, it has to be engagement. Which is any type of action your friends or followers do on your Facebook page. This includes anything from commenting on a post to liking it. All of these things, contribute to the engagement of a page. In […]

This Facebook Gem Could Explode Your Business

Completely untapped territory. This is probably the best way to describe this Facebook feature. It amazes us how many people have just skipped this in their marketing efforts. We believe, that this Facebook Gem is a huge difference maker. It is quick and easy to use, adds flavor to posts and is a great way […]

How Network Marketers Are Making Money With Facebook Stories

In late 2017, Facebook rolled out a feature called Facebook Stories. One would think it would take off like its bestie Instagram Stories or SnapChat, right? Wrong. In fact, there are so few people using Facebook stories that they’ve already started to roll it out to business pages, and bigger brands. So, you might be wondering […]

Stop Stressing About Facebook Messenger | Here’s Why

Did you know you can send voice notes through Facebook messenger? We were shocked to realize how many people don’t realize the feature exists. And, people are almost always surprised when they hear it is how we build our business predominantly. How about the active friend numbers? So, in this post we want to give you the […]