How to Monetize Facebook Stories

Although Facebook was a little late to the game, the most recent (and available) stat shows … over one BILLION stories are posted daily. So sure, people will often compare it to the much higher user rate on platforms such as; WhatsApp and Instagram but .. Facebook Stories is holding its own. And in this […]

Are You Using Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business?

If you have been in the entrepreneurial space on Facebook for a while, you may remember Facebook Pages. They went on to be called Fan Pages, Business Pages and a few other coined terms too. However, these used to be a go-to. You could almost always have counted on them to generate leads in some capacity. Not […]

9 Simple Ways to Improve Facebook Engagement

How can you improve Facebook engagement on your profile? Sure, there are tons of articles to help with business pages, but what about your page? Because the truth is when we first started using social media for our business, it was 100% focused on our Facebook personal profile.  It wasn’t until later that we incorporated […]

No More Stressing About What to Post on Facebook

At one point (not long ago), we were stuck in the space of what we should post on Facebook.  Sound familiar? If so, you have found yourself in the right place!  Because listen, learning how to build a business online showed up with way more obstacles and hiccups than we expected.  However, the primary reason for […]

Facebook Messenger Strategies for Network Marketers

This blog is for the network marketer using (or would like to be using) Facebook for their business. A few of these Facebook Messenger strategies are geared toward those who operate a business page, so omit those as you go.  Please note that if you do not have a budget for ads, spend less time […]

How to Use Facebook Groups for Business

Using Facebook groups for business has a considerable advantage over Facebook pages. Especially for small business owners and network marketers.  The primary goal of every business is to have a targeted audience to ease a conversation into, right? Well, Facebook groups help attract a high level of engagement and promote the company in a way […]

Attraction Marketing Strategies for Facebook

You have probably found your way here because you are curious about or looking for attraction marketing strategies. Specifically for those who are looking to use Facebook for your business.  You might be familiar with the term ‘the hunted, instead of the hunter, ‘and this is where attraction marketing comes into play. Think about it […]

Everyday Facebook Tips to Build Your Business

Whether you are new to building your business online or have been around a while, this post is for you. We hope these everyday Facebook tips will help you create a more significant business online.  We have been so fortunate to have learned from some of the best when we transitioned from building off-line to […]

Using Facebook Messenger to Grow Your Business

Want to learn how to grow you network marketing business using Facebook Messenger? Facebook prospecting is not sending friend requests to people and then instantly pitching them on your products or opportunity as soon as they accept. There’s so much more to it than that, starting with being a human first! In this post, you’re […]

Facebook Content Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Ever find yourself not posting anything online because you feel tapped out of ideas? Or, you throw something together where the reality is you don’t really love it but ‘have to get something up‘? These are very common hiccups entrepreneurs and network marketers face when brainstorming Facebook content ideas. And so over time, we’ve written […]