The Four Phases of Business in Network Marketing

These four phases of business we are going to share with you today, are probably a little different than ones you have heard before. Meaning, these phases are more so about looking inwards and how that will reflect on the outside. And, through your business. Because sure, there are many perspectives or opinions on the […]

Strategies for Opening the Month Strong in Network Marketing

We wanted to start off by saying, ‘congratulations‘ on closing your month whether you hit your goals, or not. The best part about a new month is you have an opportunity to do it all over again. What’s interesting in our industry is more often than not, everyone focuses on the end of the month, […]

What Building Our Home Taught Us About Business

Building a home needs planning, budgeting, knowing the position of the house, the foundation strength, all those sorts of things, right? People often enlist professionals like architects, surveyors, structural engineers and contractors – we did. When building our home there were plenty of factors to consider… A Solid Plan and Partners to Execute Them. In […]