What Is Your Rhythm?

  As summer comes to a close, some of us may be feeling a mix of emotions—we’re sad to see summer go, but also excited for our kids to go back to school! In this post, we want to talk about another important thing that happens at the end of summer, and that’s getting back […]

Find Your Why | Practical Guide for You and Your Team

Among one of the first things entrepreneurs or network marketers are asked is; what is you’re why? And, in many instances people are still determining what that means. What we do know however, is that the why is often what keeps people going. Especially on the days they don’t feel like it. In this blog, we want to take […]

4 Steps to Being an Authentic Entrepreneur

When you think about your definition of success – what does that look like? Is it having access to more income? Tangible items? Time? Interestingly, for many financially successful entrepreneurs, income was never the driving force. Instead, they use words to describe success: determination, empowering, and impactful. And one of the typical traits among them […]

How to Stand Out on Social Media With 1 Primary Thing!

If you’re somebody who feels they need to stand out from the crowd on social media, this post is for you. Social media is noisy, right? So, we want to give you one simple thing that you already have and how to use it. In our opinion, it’s the number one way to grow your […]

What Type of Entrepreneur Are You Through Another’s Lens?

In today’s post, we want you to take a minute to try to look through the lens of someone in your network to envision how they see you. Think about what they see when they look at you. What type of entrepreneur are you when they look TO you? Are you positive and inspiring?  Do you […]

How to Build or Increase Your Influence as a Leader

Leadership, is about influence. Ultimately, you have created a bond of trust with your audience, customers/clients or otherwise — and they will follow you just about anywhere! So are you asking yourself how does one build influence? Or, how can one increase influence as a leader or entrepreneur? Well, this is the post for you! […]

What Does Your Online Presence Say About You?

Creating an online presence can be hard work as entrepreneurs. Back in the days when you were hired by a company, or freelanced for someone — we didn’t worry about anyone searching you up on Google. In many ways, people will legitimately stalk you online to learn as much about you before ever reaching out. […]

How to Explode Your Personal Brand on Social Media

We are going to assume that you have heard a lot of talk about branding. How important it is to build your personal brand. And hey, that’s great! But what we have found is that most people don’t really know what that means. Especially, in the realm of Network Marketing. So, what you may know […]

How to Become an Influencer in Network Marketing

Without question, the term influencer has gained a ton of traction over the past couple years. As a result, it is a word people are almost hung up on. Whether it be how to attract and influencer or how to become one. To some degree, you need one without the other, right? And so, we can […]

Everyone Has a Struggle | Few Tips to Get You Through

Let’s take care of the elephant in the room before we go too far. In the network marketing industry, it is the best profession to go from rags, to riches. It is an industry designed for that very story. However, what happens when you don’t have this rock bottom struggle? What if you are what people […]