If you have driven a car, you know the 2 side mirrors on your car are not created equal. Let us explain. And then, in this post we want to show you how this is relevant to your business mirror.

The one on the driver’s side reflects things as they are. While, the one located on the passenger side messes a little with reality.

This wider field of view mirror on the passenger’s side allows the driver to see more of what is beside he or she, but comes with a warning label, right?

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

Perhaps it would be good to have a similar warning posted on our bathroom mirrors. Ones we could read each day as we prepare for another ride down life’s road. How about one that addresses objects as they are, not as they appear? Which leads us to this one …

People and opportunities in your business mirror are closer than you think!

Think about how you are building your business right now. Whether you be working online or offline — or a hybrid of both. How many people do you come in contact with every single day?

Now, how many of those same people do you pass on by? Even though you believe (or tell yourself that you believe) you have the BEST offering ever! You are sold on your products and/or services and yet you continue to let people pass on by.

We hear it a lot where people want to focus on building globally or reaching that next big leader. And yet, some of our best customers are likely already in our networks. They are the people we scroll by on social media or pass on the street.

Have you ever considered those in your business mirror are practically right next to you? Maybe even waiting for someone like you to come along? Have you considered you have the solution to their need?

If you knew they were THAT close — would you change the way you work your business?

Let’s Apply the Same Concept to Success

Small businesses, online businesses, network marketing businesses — can be a tough go for some people. Often, we can attribute that to poor mindset, lack of personal development, belief, etc. However, what if those same people who ‘quit’ or close their business knew success was only inches away?

We aren’t suggesting that business is too tough but it does take;

  • thick skin
  • real work ethic
  • trusting the process
  • mentorship

…. to name a few.

Bottomline is start looking into your business mirror. Begin to evaluate the people who are already in your networks, contacts, etc. and connect with them!


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