It’s probable that you could make your business more efficient today than it was yesterday, right? Perhaps you would like to trim the fat from your business to make it run more smoothly. You can whip your business into great shape with a few easy steps, but you must be willing to put in the work to see that happen.

Your business didn’t get in this shape in a hurry, and you won’t improve in a hurry either. Your business will undergo changes – and necessary ones, but it will help you grow into more than you thought possible with these simple steps.

Getting your Business into Great Shape

Regardless of your industry, a successful business hinges on happy customers and teams. Therefore, the most important step toward a successful 2019 is to continue putting your customer’s needs at the forefront of everything you do.

And that means everything.

With every decision you make, think about how it will impact your customers and/or teams. If you’re not sure what your customers need from you, just ask them.

Even with social media, a simple message or phone-call or even in-person meeting is the best way to check your customers pulse.

A quick conversation will give you invaluable insights about your customers and what they need to be successful on their journey with you and products and/or services.

Our 3 Tips to get you there

Please note that the following tips are ones we are sharing from our own personal experiences. And, after 2 decades in our industry we believe we have a great handle on it (most days!). So, we hope to help shorten your learning curve and get your business where you want it to be!

First and foremost we learned to LOVE on our team and the people around us.

Loving on your customers, teams, offerings etc., is key.

Because here’s the thing … In business, you are going to come across so many different types of people. You have the go-getters, then you have the ones who are just going with the flow, whatever happens happens. And what we’ve learned is you need to meet people (in your business) where they’re at.

It’s important to know and run with their expectations. Not the ones you set upon them. In a leadership capacity sure, you can encourage them to dream bigger or strive for more — but it’s up to them.

What to be in Great Shape? Get in the POOL

For a moment, consider the investment you made into your business. We know that many of our readers are in the network marketing space. So, maybe this one is for you …

Chances are you invested somewhere between low hundreds to a thousand to start your business. So sure, your motivation to recoup that money may be less than those who opened a franchise and spent hundreds of thousands.

We get it.

And unfortunately, we see this so often and likely contributes to why people quit — because they’re simply not putting in the work. Respectfully, you need to work your business like a business if you want it to pay you as such.

There will be sacrifices but there will also be rewards you only dreamt about too. Get obsessed with your business — (details in the video!)

When you’re learning to swim … you get in the pool, right? Dipping your toe in won’t help you learn the necessary skills. And, it won’t get you around the other swimmers either. Want a thriving business? Get in the pool and whip your business into great shape!

A Lazy Mind will not Help your Business

In the simplest words possible; get your mind right.

Let’s go back to the swimming example for a moment that we mentioned above. Swimmers in great shape don’t just possess the skills or the work ethic. They also possess that drive and the mindset to take them to the next level. Training day in and day out – not unlike your business – can wear on you. There will be days you want to quit because it feels too hard or, you’re too tired.

However, when you are consistently working on your mindset, your self-care, your inner dialogues and thoughts – your business will level up.

Your business will thrive and attain great shape overtime.

The consistency is where people ‘fall out’ or ‘fall off’ – mindset prevents that. And, if you need ideas on how to improve this area – let us know in the comments, we’re happy to help!


Be the Spark,

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