There’s a lot of talk these days about building a personal brand, right? And, that’s because it’s one of the most important things you can do for the longevity and security of your business.

Maybe you’re finding yourself stuck as a hundred dollar business or thousand dollar business. You wouldn’t be alone in that case. But, you believe there is more. You know that with the right vision, direction, resources and tools you CAN become that million dollar brand. THAT is what we want for you!

First and foremost, put your best face forward.

Think about the people you follow, look up to or even admire. Reflect on their posture and their confidence — probably pretty strong right? This is something we’ve worked hard on when it came to delivering who we are, authentically, online. See, in person this can sometimes be easier to achieve; people feed off energy, interactions, smiles, etc.

Finding ways you can deliver that same vibe online is key and with staying true to who you are, you will get there. And this, is where your brand starts to take shape.

Beginning Steps to Creating your Personal Brand

The website Entrepreneur (one of our go-to resources in a lot of ways) had a great article about personal brand that we’ve put a bit of our spin on. The spin, is as a result of how we took these tips and implemented them into our business. We know you’ll find them valuable too — and definitely let us know in the comments if you would love more how-to in this area!

Discover your Opportunity

Chances are, you may have already found your opportunity and are still navigating your way around. So, feel free to substitute discover with explore.

study the needs of the people in your circles. What are they trying to achieve? What are they struggling with? Think about their frustrations. Think about how you could best help these people. Dig deep into who you are. Identify what you can bring to the table.

Know your Audience

Identify who your core audience is. Using a customer avatar worksheet is great for this! Don’t try to appeal to everyone. Identify which audience segments are most likely to become long-term customers and loyal followers. These are the people you should focus on.

Design your Message

Here’s the deal, you want to tell your audience about what you do, about what makes you different and exciting. But they probably won’t have/make time to listen to your whole life story.

Instead, create a short message that sums up what you’re about in a way which connects with them. Keep it simple and memorable. Think of it as your elevator pitch. Your message should reflect the people you serve, the values that you embody and the results you achieve (and can help them achieve). A large part of your personal brand — is what you do for others. Learning how to brand yourself that shows others that, is the defining moment.

grow a strong team

Own what makes you, YOU!

Being able to demonstrate a point of uniqueness is your key to success in a noisy market.

The most obvious point of uniqueness is to be the best. And, there are many ways of being the best. Find out which way plays to your strengths. Are you the most experienced, most creative, most efficient? Do you make people feel good about themselves, challenge them or offer them some valuable insight?

Be Clear about your Values

Authenticity is the cornerstone of your personal brand as we mentioned above. Your authenticity is what allows your audience to trust you, to engage with you, to tell their friends about you. Therefore, being authentic is about having stated values and being true to them. Sticking to your word and always, delivering on your promises.

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