Ever find yourself not posting anything online because you feel tapped out of ideas? Or, you throw something together where the reality is you don’t really love it but ‘have to get something up‘? These are very common hiccups entrepreneurs and network marketers face when brainstorming Facebook content ideas.

And so over time, we’ve written about different prompts, starters and great questions to ask online … but, today we want to help narrow it down into the 5 categories we believe will help get your creative juices flowing.

Because, you know your business and your audience well and so sometimes the prompts just don’t fit right or you’re struggling to fit your ideas into the box. Whereas we all know network marketing professionals and entrepreneurs alike RARELY fit into boxes, right?

That’s what makes what we do so incredible every single day! So in this post, we’re going to share with you the categories we believe you will be able to find and create some incredible content that will continue to serve your content needs.

Let’s jam.

Let’s Generate New Facebook Content Ideas

Remember, take the time to create your customer avatar or ideal client profile. This activity will feel tedious (that’s the truth) but we promise creating content for the wrong audience is even more tedious! So do yourself and your business a favor and get that done ASAP if you haven’t already.

Entertain Them!

Most people come to Facebook looking for some form of entertainment. Remember to always stay relevant to your niche and keep things in alignment with your values, etc. A few ideas are;

  • Funny quotes, videos or images
  • Memes
  • Personal Stories with that element of humor attached
  • Create a humorous poll with a few options (funnier the better) for people to choose from

Deliver the Expertise

Chances are, you have probably sifted through tons of research material in order to be knowledgeable about your company, business, or products. It’s important to carry out your own research in order to position yourself as the expert in your field.

But also, this puts you in a position to be able to answer questions from potential clients/customers, and ensure you are giving out accurate information. You can use what you learn through content that demonstrates your expertise. Consider some of these Facebook content ideas;

  • Tips and tricks
  • A How-to tutorial
  • Answer some FAQ’s you often find yourself answering
  • Create content around a new relevant research
  • Free Resources or downloads
  • Solve a problem
  • Helpful blog posts you’ve written or come across
  • Design an infographic (or outsource this even)

Don’t Stop your own Interactions!

Facebook is a social media platform and they value engagement above anything else. The more people engage with your posts, the more Facebook will show your content to your friends and followers. Which is why, interactive posts are ideal for increasing that engagement, but also helps you to find out what your audience needs help with. Some ways you can interact with your audience are;

  • Ask Questions (we have a great post on this)
  • Create Polls
  • Post a Simple ‘Fill in the blank’ sentence
  • ‘Caption This’ posts (use something related to your niche – always)
  • Ask for help or advice (feedback and opinions always serve you well)

Connections are Golden

Once your audience starts interacting with you, it’s time to really dig in with increased engagement and truly connect with your audience. Here’s how influencers and entrepreneurs are connecting with their audiences;

  • A ‘behind-the-scene’ video or picture
  • Candid shots of your everyday life
  • Share a personal story
  • Do a challenge together (wellness, mindfulness, business related, etc.)

Remember, the stronger the connections the more your audience will share. Some of the best Facebook content ideas are often created by your audience (also known as UGR – user generated content)

Find a Way to Give Back

Treat your audience with special surprises just because they follow you on Facebook. Giving back to them is one of the the best ways to develop rapport and it could earn you some great referrals and recommendations. Some ways you can treat your audience is;

  • Give out coupons (promo codes generally work well here too)
  • Offer a Giveaway (encourage them to share a post for example to be entered)
  • Do a Flash sale
  • Launch a campaign using hashtags (Facebook is leaning much harder on hashtags these days so why not take advantage, right?)

Overall, It is important that as entrepreneurs, your Facebook content follows the 80/20 rule. 20% of your content is self-promotion and products (with class). The remaining 80% is filled with you offering value, tips, helpful resources, etc. These will all be aimed to grow your brand, relationships and ultimately let people get to know you!

As you’ve heard time and time again – people buy from those they know, like and trust!

Do you have any Facebook content ideas that you have found especially helpful for you? Let us know in the comments – we always love to hear from those of you who are making it happen!


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