Customers are the lifeline of any business. Without them, your business is a little bit like a house of cards because, customers are what drive the network marketing industry as whole, long-term. So sure, recruiting is great and building teams but customers … bring things to a whole new level. In this post and video we included, we’re going to share a few ways that you can get customers fast in your business.

These tips or strategies are applicable to any business that a product or service is involved.

For us, customers add an added bonus in our compensation because we have an entire plan based solely on customers — talk about a huge incentive, right? So whether your business has these incentives or not, we strongly encourage you to spend time focusing on attracting customers into your business.

A happy customer tells others too — and this could create a HUGE referral basis for you (and that’s powerful!)

Best Ways to get Customers Fast in Network Marketing

First thing we want to encourage you to do is to create YOUR story. This story should be related to the product and/or service you are selling. We would like to assume you jumped in with your company because you loved their offerings so what are they?

How have they helped you?

What changes have you seen?

Have the products or services improved your life in some way?

SHARE these wins …. they are relatable and they create the stories your audience, friends and even family want to here.

People LOVE your story, it’s what people will FEEL the most.

Now, we want you to take a moment and think about the curiosity you’re creating in your business while on social media. Or, perhaps it’s a lack thereof! Without beating the topic of curiosity posts to death … please know that a curiosity post done well can help you create dozens of new customers from one simple post. (in the video above, Tony shares one post that helped us generate more than 25 customers!)

We want your audience to see your post and ask questions like …

  1. Wow how did you do that?
  2. Wow what did you take? 

… and so on. Generate these opportunities through your story and a creative picture goes a long way! Curiosity posts in the simplest terms is leaving people wanting more.

The next area we would encourage you to focus on when looking for ways to get customers fast is by ….


So many platforms have this capability now and stats show that lie video continues to thrive in the world of visibility and organic reach. And, you don’t need a fancy set up to go live either — in fact, you only need your phone! Creating videos of you unboxing your products or, a product demo are GREAT options for live video topics. (check out this blog on content ideas too for others!)

The last strategy we want to over is that of a favor (tune into the video at the 7 minute mark for our breakdown on what these favors look like!

Overall, if you are seeking ways to get customers fast into your business … choose one if not all of these areas to buckle in on and go out there and make it happen!


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