Ever think back to where your drive or ideology on becoming an entrepreneur came from? Can you picture Tony Zolecki on a taco truck? No seriously! 

Tony was 15 and him and his mom found this old tool truck. You know, the ones that are typically driven around with tool sharpeners or ones where the tradesmen (and women) lug around their tools? Yes, that kind!

See, they gutted it with a vision they weren’t sure anyone else saw but them. Sounding a bit familiar, right? Truth is, most people becoming an entrepreneur feel that too.

Lessons on Becoming an Entrepreneur via the Taco Truck

So anyways, there he was, 15 years old selling tacos — everywhere. And, they hustled, HARD. Were there days they felt a bit crazy for this? Of course there were (probably MANY) … 

BUT, they knew they wanted more. More for their own lives, their family, and beyond that even, it was deeper — it was about the generations to come. 

And, although Tony isn’t grinding on that taco truck any longer, the lessons he learned there were beyond valuable.

  1. work ethic
  2. determination
  3. persistence
  4. belief

… to name a few — each, were born on that truck.

Well, that and great tacos obviously!

What is your story? Where can your current environment lead you to? Are you grabbing the lessons being thrown at you daily? They’re there, and when we become conscious of that they become endless.

Sure, there are still days where we work our tails off never knowing where it will lead. Moments we wonder things like … is any of this really worth it? 

  • Will anyone buy that taco? 
  • That course? Coaching?
  • That product or service? 
  • Here’s what we can tell you.

But, it doesn’t matter where you are at right now.

Whether you’re 15 like Tony on a taco truck or 45 working at a job you love and want more – you CAN achieve it. 

Your situation or circumstances that you’re in now don’t dictate your future. YOU DO. Becoming an entrepreneur is a commitment like no other in the professional word. It takes grit. A lot of it. But, it can also lead you to places you never believed imaginable.

So, if you can gain even a piece of inspiration from this taco truck, we hope you do. If we can help you reach for more, dream a little bigger or grind a little harder — we’re here. Why? Because we all deserve someone in our lives who push us to be better. Someone who believes in us (even during the times we don’t yet believe in ourselves). 

NEVER in a million years did we know that with this kind of start Tony would go on — with me (Sarah) to earn millions of dollars from a once tool truck, and a BIG vision. 

Your future depends on you. And, I hope you go on to create it!

And in closing, Tony made have learned about becoming an entrepreneur by way of tacos … we would love to know where yours are stemming from!

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