Whether you have recently launched your business or a veteran in the industry, never be afraid to get back to basics. Here’s what we know; business goes through seasons much like the weather does, right? (we recently wrote about this so make sure you check that out afterwards) And so, it will never hurt you – we promise – to go back to basics.

See, there are a variety of reasons people should venture back there;

  1. New start
  2. Strengthening a foundation
  3. Regrouping
  4. Starting over
  5. Duplication


… to name a few. And what we know is that the basics will never fail you. In fact it is where most people see the most growth. Why? Well, we believe it is because it’s where things were simple. We didn’t have time to create bad habits and our excitement was fresh.

Then, once you’ve nailed the basics again you can start to implement the new skills (or assists) you’ve learned along the way. This can be exceptionally powerful in your own business development.

4 Valuable Lessons that the Basics can Teach you

Although the 4 lessons we are about to share with you are typically present during the basics phase of your business — they are often missed. And with the help of others who have ‘been around the block’ a few times, we want to help you not only understand them – but appreciate them.

When we reference ‘the basics’ sure, we are talking go right back to the beginning with the hard and soft skills. Begin to cultivate your network, connect with new people regularly, keep a strong follow-up game, utilize your sponsor (or other), and so on.

And that will be a post for another day.

Today however, we want to focus on 4 main components you want to do your best to keep in the forefront. These are lessons that will help keep you not only excited, but grounded. They will help you maintain your focus on the big picture and help propel you through the tougher times.

Consider these lessons the foundation of a legacy you are working hard at building.

Family First — Always

There will be sacrifices along the way, yes. However, determine clear boundaries with what that really means. Your business is your baby (it’s ours too) but you have to prioritize the ones you love. When you are home with your family or even out with your children, be present.

Let work time be just that, work time. And when you are with your family it’s family time. Without exception. Some people find it beneficial to schedule this time in (yes, even family). But know that this will also help your family adjust to your time being split between them and your business.

This way they, like you, can look forward to upcoming time together and make it about quality.

Celebrate All the Wins

The big ones, the small ones and all the ones in between. Although the big wins are GREAT, don’t lose sight of the small victories along the way. They are often what helped contribute to the big ones. Additionally, as you go along in your business and are fortunate to celebrate some huge milestones don’t lose sight of the collection of smaller wins that help you on the days you need them the most.

These wins, should also including your organizations. Recognition goes a long way in the network marketing industry especially – celebrate that persons first uncomfortable moment, the first time they walk the stage or recruit a new team member.

Whatever those wins look like – celebrate them. This is one of the key, fundamental basics that gets lost with success. Don’t lose that, ever.

The Lows can be Lower than you ever Imagined

Many entrepreneurs and network marketers will go through rock bottom lows. Whether it’s losing your biggest leader or struggling to put food on the table, your lows will force you out of your comfort zone and push you to your limits. This is prime time to revisit the basics.

You may experience ‘make or break‘ moments. The place where the only option is to power through, no matter how difficult it is.

Remember, there is almost always, a silver lining.

Because, the great thing about these rock bottom lows is you can use these tough lessons to embrace the suck and become better.

There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Mentors and/or Leadership is Necessary

Please note: in our opinion, mentors can be someone you’ve never met. But somewhere along the way they have inspired you to be bigger and better than you imagined. Many people lean on people like John Maxwell, Les Brown, Tony Robbins or the late Jim Rohn. Whoever that person is – stay plugged in.

Secondly, leadership is so imperative in our industry whether it be in or out of your company. Take a look at those who are where you want to be — those are the people you need to surround yourself with, have a conversation with or even hire them!

Be it a business coach, social media expert or someone you can simply bounce ideas off of – they are equally important in their own right.

There is no Shame in the Basics

One of the biggest keys of our own success is revisiting the basics, often.

These are just a few of the many lessons we’ve learned along the way (about 20+ years). Unfortunately, some lessons are best learned with experience but hopefully we’ve saved you some trouble while you work your way towards success.

Never give up when something feels like its become too tough, surround yourself with support and you’ll always end up learning and becoming a smarter business owner and/or entrepreneur!


We would love to hear about your experiences on this topic in the comments below!

So be sure to stop by the comment section before you go.

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Choose to Shine,


back to basics

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