There’s no recipe for success in entrepreneurship, but tips from someone who has been successful can make the journey more a little smoother and less lonely. Being an entrepreneur can be an incredible experience, sure. However, it also comes at a price not everyone is willing to pay. And so, we thought why not create a list of things we wished we knew. To some degree, a heads up type of situation.

‘Turnover’ Rate as an Entrepreneur is Massive

.. in fact it’s way too high. And, we think a big part of that is people aren’t truly prepared for what happens when you get started. Too often we see the bells and whistles, fancy cars and lavish vacations, right? What we don’t see is the struggle and grind behind the scenes. More importantly we don’t see the failures on social media but we see a ton of highlights.

What we aim to do with our clients, teams and communities is shorten the learning curve. Be so transparent with people because, those are the people that lock arms with you – and stick around. Being an entrepreneur takes work, there is zero way around that.

Those overnight success stories you see are often 10 years in the making.

And we can tell you from our own experiences … those 10 years are worth every moment.

Now, chances are these are things you already know, right? Grind, grit, hard work ethics, no excuses .. and the list goes on. So instead of regurgitating this information at you, we want to share this …

8 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming An Entrepreneur

Based on your business it’s possible some of these lessons won’t apply at first glance. However, we don’t think they are any less valuable. And, sometimes when we dig beyond the surface we realize there are more parallels in the entrepreneur world than we first realize. Which leads us to our first thing …

Don’t Go at it Alone!

Please note, this does not mean you need business partners or a crew of people to run your business. Instead, it means surround yourself with people who want the best for you. Make sure your circle is intact with people who will remind you why you became an entrepreneur and push you on the days you just don’t feel like it. Support is massive — align yourself with communities of people who are after the same goal – owning a thriving business they get to call their own.

Find 1 (max 2) People to Consult with

This thing is similar to the one above it, but slightly different. Your circle is great, right? They are there to support you, encourage you maybe even brainstorm with you. But … finding one main person to consult with – share your ideas, your fears, your vulnerabilities and all things in between is key. It is helpful to be a business coach if you are in a position to hire one, but the goal is for it to be someone who is on a level of success you want to attain. Someone you look up to as an entrepreneur – can be different niches of course, but someone who knows the ropes.

This was a game changer for us.

Stay Agile with your Expectations

You have a long-term strategy – perfect. Don’t get so attached to it though. Let us explain. We always recommend and encourage goals. However, you want to make sure as an entrepreneur you can also adjust when necessary. Because listen, trends change or demographics shift – stay ready for that. So yes … you may have spent hours developing your long-term strategy heck even days or weeks even … but be prepared to readjust and adjust again.

It’s a Long Road, but a Road Worth Travelling

There are going to be days you want to quit. Chances are as an entrepreneur there will be days you will be left wondering where your next mortgage payment is coming from. But, you will also make it work. Remember, this space is one of innovation and creativity – brilliant minds. Somehow, we figure it out, you will too!

Focus on your Strengths, Table your Weaknesses

When we first made our transition from offline to online marketing, gosh … we had NO IDEA how much work it was going to be. We were hearing people talk about things that frankly at the time were in a different language to us. Funnels, autoresponders, bots, landing pages … felt like we were coming out of the Stone Age. And instead of freaking out about it, we just went to work with what we knew how to do best – love on people. We focused on building relationships and learning how to do so online. By tabling the weaknesses we became great at taking our offline relationship building skills and crushing them online.

Outsource Where/When you can

Tying into the strengths vs. weaknesses is this … you may be in a position of profit already in your business (this one is for you). Outsource what you don’t like or things you just aren’t great at. There are a variety of ways to outsource tasks and a ton of great platforms to help you as well. When you are finding yourself too busy and have some disposable income, look into outsourcing these tasks. There are a few primary things an entrepreneur needs to know and that’s this; outsource what you are good at so you can focus on what you are great at.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Every successful entrepreneur has a personal development outlet in some way. For some, it might be attending church, yoga or picking up a great book. Find out what that thing is for you and be prepared to lean on it, and lean on it a lot. Additionally, lean on it even on the days you think you don’t need it – those are often the days you need it the most. Much of entrepreneurship is a mental game … flex that muscle often.

Clients and/or Customers are your Lifeline

There are going to be things that distract you from your business. It may be new opportunities, headlines of others winning big over there or people crushing it in that industry. Whatever it is – never forget about your customers. A loyal customer, after time, will more than likely buy whatever you are selling. And so, don’t ever leave them unhappy. Do whatever you can (within reason!) to keep them pleased and better than you found them. Remember the little things with them – birthdays or special times in their lives. Keeping your clients/customers happy should always be a priority – zero exception.

When you choose to implement these 8 things we shared, you will build a business ready to success. Try to learn the expensive lessons only once, and realize that like your business, you are a work in progress too! Cut yourself some slack, go easy on yourself. Success can be yours.


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Choose to Shine,


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