Fortunately, technology has made it easier for entrepreneurs to accomplish things, right? Things like; daily routines, tasks, manage time more efficiently and keep track of things in a far more effectively. Now, apps and technology can have down time which is always frustrating of course. But, overall they have helped us tremendously.

We still love the ‘old-fashioned’ pen to paper in some cases but, managing schedules (from people to content) has been GREAT! Additionally, there are some phenomenal photo apps that can take your images to dark and boring to bright and branded in no time.

Are you working with other people? A large team or organization? Managing ongoing projects and/or collaborations – especially when distance may be a factor – technology becomes the MVP.

We’ve also learned that …

not all entrepreneurial APPS are created equal.

The best tools allow you to work your business on-the-go by leveraging the power of your mobile device. We have tried many network marketing apps over the years, but the ones on this list are tried and true and in our opinion give you the most for your money – especially the free ones.

Graphic Tools are Among our Favorite Apps


This app makes content creation not only easy but fun.

This is simple graphic design software that allows you to easily create beautiful images. They can be for social media, presentations, e-books, and more. You can choose from thousands of pre-designed layouts. And, designs to make all of your content look consistent, clean and professional. This app is best accessed from a desktop or laptop computer but is mobile ready for many of the features too.

They have both a free and paid version and in our experience you can have everything you need without having to upgrade to a pro account (at least for now). You can share templates with team members, create projects together and share seamlessly online or download to your computer.

Word Swag

This is among our useful apps but also one of our most used for images.

You can create beautiful custom text layouts that would normally take up minutes – even hours – of your time in a matter of seconds. They have plenty of already designed layouts and designs to use for inspiration and easy to use features to swap out their images or colors, with your own.

This app can take your once boring images help you overlay text and help personalize your images.

Communication Apps go without Question!


With dozens of communication apps, this one is our go-to in our organization.

If you are like us and are building International teams or serving clients abroad, Voxer has been a lifesaver. It can be used on mobile devices and on the web. It acts similar to a walkie-talkie and allows you to send voice notes worldwide to other Voxer users.

They do have a free plan for individuals, however their monthly pricing per user is super affordable and a great option as you continue to scale your business. They are perfect for group chats up to 500 people and just as ideal for one-on-one communication.

Facebook Messenger

Probably the most common of the apps you will see on this list.

And, although the most common also one of the most under used (effectively) for business. Between the 2 of us, we have been able to acquire new customers and team members with simple, effective and relationship driven conversation on this free application. As you probably know, Facebook Messenger can be used on just about any device – mobile included – to share conversations with people around the Globe.

Now, like many apps the notifications can begin to feel overwhelming for some and our suggestion for that is just turn them off until you are ready to tackle the messages or are intentionally online for your business.


Among our favorite of the video conference apps hands down!

We love being able to see our sponsors, downlines, and prospects in real time using video conferences with Zoom. Through Zoom we can hold team trainings, product or opportunity presentations, mastermind conversations and more. Zoom also possesses tools to create, collaborate, and organize documents and screen share options.

This app is both mobile and desktop friendly and has a great free version for limited time slots or participants. Truthfully though, their paid options are reasonably priced when you are looking to scale as well. People can connect via audio and/or video and as the host of a meeting you can limit what people can and cannot do. Zoom also allows you to record meetings, videos, etc. which is a great bonus if you are creating content for courses, training groups, etc.

Content, Sharing, and all Things in Between


One of the current top apps for document sharing and, user friendly.

DropBox is one of the most popular cloud storage apps for professionals. This app is great to store all of your files, documents, photos, presentations, and really anything else business related. DropBox allows you to share content with team members and prospects easily without worrying about downloading and sending large presentations or content one email at a time.

DropBox has a ton of storage included in their free options and to date we have never had to upgrade. You can use this application online and via mobile device both with equivalent capabilities which is super nice.


Storing content for later has never been easier.

We call this app the ‘save it for later‘ one. It allows you to file away useful articles, interesting videos and any other content that you want to hang on to for future use. When you find something you want to view later, simply put it in your Pocket, and you will be able to access it from your phone, tablet or computer, even when you don’t have internet access.

Think of how many awesome things you come across while scrolling online and forget to jot it down to use later. Or, you can’t find the page and so on. Probably the best of the apps on the market for this very thing!

By adding and using any of these apps in your daily business routine, we are confident you will find things much easier. Whether it be to help you with content creation, communication or even just time management these are the go-to’s! Definitely let us know which apps you love the most and which ones from this list you plan to implement!


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