We all know we need to be working on ourselves, right? In this post we want to walk you through 7 personal development tips that are going to help you personally and professionally. See, the more you do personal development the more proactive you’re going to be in;

  1. challenges
  2. successes
  3. efforts

… and all things in between. We know, that these personal development tips might look a little different for each of us, right? However, the core concept will remain the same, finding out what works best for you is the most important. This means, finding what fills you up and where you can be the most consistent.

What are the ‘Senses’? Personal Development Tips

Now for the good stuff — the following are the senses that we refer to a lot (and teach on) when it comes to personal development. Grab a pen and paper, save this post for later, share it with a friend or colleague and let’s get started!

Sense of Worth — True satisfaction can only manifest when you are chasing your own dreams. This is where you step into your own. It’s where the opinion of others didn’t matter anymore and allows you to pursue what’s meaningful.

Sense of Curiosity – This happens when you start your personal development. It is where you become less afraid and instead you become excited, about the unknown. We challenge you to start falling in love with the unknown.

Sense of Direction – The more you develop yourself the clearer things become. It helps to improve your ability to prioritize the things that are important to you. With a sense of direction, it strengthens your commitment.

Fall in love with your business over and over again.

Sense of Follow Through – Knowing what you want to achieve, paired with your sense of direction, takes you closer to your vision and your goals.

Sense of Urgency – Among our favorite personal development tips is urgency. See, it helps you stay motivated to get results quickly and, even when we’ve made poor decisions achieving this urgency helps you adjust and adapt quicker.

Sense of Resiliency – We all go through tough times in our life and in our business, right? Developing this sense helps us learn to manage and cope through the tougher times.

Sense of Connectedness – This one of all the personal development tips we shared today can often be the toughest one. See, as we continue to grow and learn and expand our own insights, etc. it starts to open up our eyes to the connections we have in our lives. And, sometimes we realize these connections are what are holding us back and some, pushing us to be better. So, when we mention this one as been ‘tougher‘ it’s primarily because sometimes we’re not quite ready for what we’re seeing. This is where all the other senses will guide you and propel you to the next level.

Which of the senses are you currently working on? Let us know in the comments below!


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