They say time is money, and if that’s true, then every minute you spend on your business should be time well-spent. This post is going to help identify 6 time management techniques that will help propel your business.

Working from home has a lot of benefits, but it also brings its share of distractions, right?

Time Management Techniques for Success

If you try one of the time management techniques and it doesn’t work, try another one — but keep at it until you feel you are performing at your best. The rule for productivity is that there are no hard and fast rules — it’s about what works for you. So, we hope at least a few of these will work for you!

Focus on Objectives not Activities

Ever find yourself busy and not productive? A great way to monitor this is spend a week tracking what you are busy doing and what you accomplish. When you structure your schedule based on achieving objectives instead of just your activities you will find yourself far more productive overall.

If you’ve ever worked with SMART goals (more on this soon if you haven’t) the ideology behind them is to;

  1. identify long-term goals
  2. identify short-term goals
  3. strategy to attain each

Be Aware of your Peak Performance Times

Are you a morning person or an evening person? Most people are one or the other. Once you’ve identified this, one of the great time management techniques is to schedule your business time in alignment with your strength.

Going against this grain, will have you less productive and spending far too much time on tasks that in your optimal time would be completed without issue.

Stay Organized, Especially in your Workspace

Where there is clutter there is confusion. Although some people work well in chaos — most studies tell us that we are far more productive in a clean working environment. Keep in mind, your workspace is wherever you essentially, sit down to work. This might be an office area, living room or coffee shop. Keep the table around you clear of things you don’t need at the moment and have only the necessary items around you.

Be in Control of your Phone

… not the other way around.

Phone calls, text messages and social media are huge distractions from productivity. Aside from simply putting it away one of our best time management techniques is to place it on Do Not Disturb. This will only allow important calls to come through and will temporarily stop all social media and email notifications. Schedule breaks for phone use — and, use a separate time outside of your phone’s to keep track of your time.

Create your To-Do List Daily

It can very tempting to keep a running to-do list (speaking from experience!) but avoid doing this where possible. Sure, you will have items that you need to carry over into the next day and that’s OK, however, add them on a fresh list.

This will help you avoid missing any items on one hand, and on the other it will help your list feel less overwhelming. When we continue to add onto the same lists, they can become very long and certainly, unorganized.

Create a Family Strategy

Sit down with your family and/or spouse and discuss ways to respect your time when you’re working. Discuss when it’s OK to interrupt and when it’s not. Additionally, a visual schedule for your family is always helpful.

Eventually like a career, they know your working hours and your availability becomes predictable. Allow them to become involved in their place on your schedule and even plan activities during their time!

Do you have time management techniques that have worked best for you? Would love to know more!


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