Entrepreneurship can be tough. It can be a rollercoaster of emotion. At times, it will have us even questioning ‘what were we thinking?!‘ If this sounds familiar – know that you are NOT alone. There isn’t one successful entrepreneur out there who hasn’t ridden this ride. Our emotions take on a life of their own and this is the most common cause of being unproductive. Finding the self-care strategies that work best for you should be of absolute importance.

And, necessity.

In this post, we’ll share with you some things that have worked for us and with the goal them serving you well along your own journey. Before we dive in we need you to know this; studies link good physical health (healthy diet, exercise) to good mental health (decreased depression and stress), and good mental health to increased productivity and creative thinking.

So, if you’re down for increased productive and creative thinking let’s get started.

5 Self-Care Strategies for Entrepreneurs

It’s time to take back your health – especially mental health. Choosing to implement these self-care strategies is an important decision which we are confident you will find boost both who YOU are and the success in your business.

Make Time for You Daily

You matter. Make sure each day you are carving out time to do something that fills you up inside. Maybe it’s meditation or writing in journal, dancing to a great song or heading for a walk. Whatever the case is – do it. For us, it has been helpful scheduling this right into our schedules. In doing this, we never risk ‘running out of time’ or even forgetting to put us first.

In this ‘you time‘ make sure you are truly present. Use this time block to be aware of your environment, enjoy the moment and become conscious of how important this is for your overall wellbeing.

Learn to Say No

Society has conditioned us to believe that we need to be doing something all the time. So when we have those slower times we feel compelled to say yes to things that really don’t serve our greater purpose. As a result, we can experience becoming overbooked because of those times we filled our schedules with all the things.

If someone asks something of you that if on a busier day would not be a priority – don’t do it. Say yes to the things that support your vision and aspirations. In doing so, people will learn to respect your time more. This one is among the hardest but most important of the self-care strategies.

Abundance in Nourishment

Wellness is your mind, body and soul – right? Well, your mind needs proper nourishment to grow, expand and think. What we are putting inside is so important. Entrepreneurs often have the worst eating habits due to being on the go, eating on the road, or becoming lost in front of their computer or phones for hours.

Consider as one of your self-care strategies that meal planning or prep be part of the plan. Even writing out a short menu for yourself can help ensure that you are feeing your body (and mind) everything it needs to excel.

Sleep Should be on your Priority List

There is often this false illusion that no sleep means you’re a rockstar. Don’t get us wrong, there are times – especially beginning and ends of the month that we may lack a little in this area. However, running on empty will not equate to long term success.

If you asked some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world their top self-care strategies – sleep would be up there. Sleep allows your body to restore its memory, rejuvenate the short-term and long-term thinking portions of your brain, and above all else help you feel refreshed each day.

Check Yourself Daily

Above, we spoke about that emotional rollercoaster many entrepreneurs live on. What is important however, is ensuring those thoughts don’t get carried away on you. Do a daily audit of your thoughts – the negative ones learn to dismiss them while forgiving yourself for having them. Experiencing different emotions is healthy – learning to manage them is what matters the most.

We will never tell you it’s going to be easy. In fact, it is going to be tough and probably tougher than you think. But, you will get through it. Implementing these self-care strategies will equip you with the practices that work well – for most.

What are some of the self-care strategies you find most helpful? Let us know in the comments before you go!


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Choose to Shine,

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